Light exposure , how it helps to disturb your sleep .

I just wake up in the middle of the night and saw my 12 years old cousin is still awake . I asked him , you should have gone to bed earlier . He said I’m not sleepy and I don’t know why. I feel like this is not good , it has some serious problem and I was afriad for him now . He’s just 12 , Is he Insomniac or have some sort of stress ? Is he taking drugs ? Several questions blowed up in my mind and then i just googled it . After hours of research and website digging I just ended up with some not so big but surely a problem .

There’s something that we never pay attention around us .The light exposure .Which can cause you sleep deprived , but that’s not a problem you can easily control it anytime with some changes in your lifestyle .

You can adapt new habits to help you sleep like making sure your bedroom is dark , noise free and cool , avoiding day time naps , avoiding stimulating activities at bedtime , limiting caffeine alcohol or nicotine.

ImageBesides these tricks, there are some physiological factors too which is most important to be considered. Since , Melatonin is a hormone produces by our brain to control our sleep-wake schedule and its production is stimulated by light exposure that’s why our natural process is we sleep at night when there is no stimulation factor of melatonin.

You can easily hold on to this and never get affected by this light exposure causing insomnia , a sleep disorder , you all should of known .

Increase light exposure during daytime, put-off your sunglasses go under the sun to defunct melatonin production and avoid feeling sleepy and clumsy , hence enjoy your day with you , full of energy and in night limit exposure or artificial light that boost the melatonin production , turn off your television and computer screens at least an hour before your bedtime . Have a nice sleep .


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