Key towards success

I was once asked , what is the most important lesson I have ever learned in my life .I said like this : “The most important lesson I have ever learned in my life is the stupendous importance of what you think. If i knew what you think , I would know what you are , for our thoughts make what we are. By changing our thoughts , we can change our life.”

Once you have set your sights on the goal of increase confidence and effective communication. You then start to think positive , not negative , to succeed your endeavor. You must set a seal of determination to have positive outcome of your efforts and become stick to that determination until you achieve it.

Giving here a dramatic example of a man ,who in his college days , was unable to speak and always failed for his words. He couldn’t get beyond half of the five-minutes to talk , he has assigned by his teacher to speak. He felt so weak and out of words despite of so much to say in his mind .He buried off his chance there in tears but didn’t gave up. He became determined to speak without any fear and make people understand what he has to say .He started from a management ladder so far to become a world famous speaker , who when speak , make a picture of his words to those who listen. He’s now serving as a higher position person in his own company

Such an immortal spirit of determination to success . You can do this , too,  as you have same thing in your mind right now. Just throw every shred of negative thought and slam the doors of steel . Success is waiting for you , only , if you believe .


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