Grades aren’t everything.


I asked my little fellow to suggest a topic for me to write about today, he then immediately said “How about grades? “

He’s currently smack in the middle of preparing for his finals but that makes me wonder why couldn’t he just said cell biology or trigonometry or some chemistry, but just grades. Since I’ve been through this stage too and I know the thoughts that surround us during these days are just grades. But in my case, I’m not familiar to every student. I always want to learn what I want to know, but they want me to study for exam just like any other student. Just like a famous saying of Einstein “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that this is stupid”, So, How a teacher may understand a student, If they only have grades as their system of measurement.

This system needs to be upgrade now for the sake of society to be build with those who do their best, whatever that is, finish their work greatly, respect their teachers , and contribute a positive , helpful example to their community of peers. I, however, never get straight A’s and neither have I suggested my little fellows to just stick around like a nerd for the sake of A. Instead I think that good grades are not the measurement of intelligence or true potential but their hunger of knowledge is basic to build their character and ability to learn more new things and explore the world.

When you die as a billionaire who created one of the most influential companies in modern history, people automatically assume that you were pretty smart. And smarts mean good grades in school, right? That’s what your teachers want you to believe.

Mr. Stephen Paul Jobs was a genius, but not at getting A’s on his report card Its common knowledge that Jobs was a college dropout. He left ReedCollege after only six months and ended up getting a job as a low-level technician at Atari. He would then go on to create the Mac with Steve Wozniak, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Stay hungry, Stay Foolish – Steven Paul Jobs.


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