Woman is the reflection of her man.

She was a girl who used to love by everyone, she was confident, she had passion and was happy, she danced like crazy in her own way, she looked flawless whatever she wears. I have never seen a girl like him and she was always the center of interest, she was a true soul with purest heart – I’m saying this to myself while seeing her through the windows of ICU, struggling for her life in her last minutes. She is my wife, the woman who loved me beyond my imagination, but now I’m helpless. I wish I could do something in these last moments.

So, here story ends and another God’s beautiful creation (Woman) has departed from this world with broken heart. If only he could understand what a woman really needs from his man, this would not happen to her anyway.

This is not any rocket science to understand that all women crave attention. The soul needs attention like a body needs to breathe. I don’t think anyone can teach you how to be a man but a woman. You only learn by learning what they need. First off, she doesn’t belong to you because she isn’t a piece of property. She is a person who has chosen to be with you, just as you chose to be with her. You should respect her for this and not to treat her like possessive jerks. The most important gift from a woman’s point of view is plain and that lies in your sincerity. You should trust her as she deserved to be trusted.


Many women are really afraid that they are not so beautiful. Women need enormous compliment: “I like that haircut, “or” You look great in red clothes.” Giving this compliment to women can encourage them to pay attention to dress, and keeps love constantly fresh.

Women also attach importance to their work and career. Women want their husbands or boyfriends to attach importance to their work like husbands attach importance to their own work. Every time when she talks about her work, the husband or boyfriend should listens carefully. Needless to say, in this regard the feelings will be better because of good communication. Women want men to listen patiently to their speaking, restore them to feel comfortable. For love, unlike men, women are not easy to fall in love. Women usually pay more attention to practical factors when having a dating. Women may desiderata love, but they still ask themselves a few questions (such as: Is the man reliable enough?) constantly before falling in love. Thus, men should not only pay attention to their hair, clothes and manners, but also be honest and have reliable character.

In short, she needs a partner which can comprehend her.


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