Best public speaking – Visual aid


“One seeing is better than a hundred times telling about”, says an old Japanese proverb.

This is exceedingly correct! Science tells us that we give twenty-five times as much attention to eye suggestions as we do to ear suggestions.

I hold that one cannot rely alone on speech to make himself understood or to gain and hold attention of the audience members. An effectual supplement is needed which will clarify your information, and help you, as a presenter, to focus on topic at hand.

So, if you wish to be clear and focused on your presentation and to remain grab the attention of your audiences, picture your points. Since, it is very difficult for the audience members to stay focused on verbal presentation, visual aids break up the monotony. Diagrams are more convincing than mere words and pictures are more convincing than diagrams, but overdoing is not good, a long succession is usually boring. Be clear to your presentation.

  • The visual listeners in your audience are able to understand information more readily by looking at images.
  • Tactile learners will appreciate a prop that they can touch and experience, artifacts provide a good experience for the audience.
  • Auditory learners will enjoy hearing sound recordings that enhance your presentation.

Tips for some visual aids during presentation:

  • Use a chart or diagram to picture your words, be sure it is large enough to see even from the very last row.
  • If you are using exhibit, keep it out of sight until you are ready to use it. It will divert the attention of your audience members.
  • When you show an exhibit, hold it up where your listeners can see it.
  • Don’t stare your exhibit while you speak, you’re communicating with the audience, not with the exhibit.
  • If you make the diagram as you go along, make a rough sketch. Listeners are not interested in great art work.
  • Use abbreviations to make them memorize quickly by listeners and write it large. It is a psychological aid to memorize things easily.
  • Keep talking as you draw or write and keep turning back to your audience.
  • Make eye contact while speaking.

Above were some tips to enhance your presentation skills and make it more concise. Remember, Ideal presentation of a subject is one in which the words are used only to connect them. A picture is worth more than anything you could say.


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