16 signs to show your Feminism


I can’t believe that when I used to hear the word “feminist” in my teens, I used to think I’d have to wear of a fleece and dangly earrings to ‘join’. (I don’t like dangly earrings. They chafe the skin tags on my neck). Now I’m a bit older and I’m proud to call myself a feminist – and to take action too, because sticks and stones may break the bones of misogyny, but words will never hurt it.

 So, you’ve been wondering whether you should be claiming the F-word. Myths are, Feminists are often stereotyped as hairy-pitted activists who hate men, love women too much, are physically incapable of humor and probably don’t wear bras. What I think is that Feminism isn’t about thinking we’re better than men, it’s about little things we can do to catch sexism off guard. Feminism isn’t about doing better than men or getting superior. Feminism is often misunderstood. In fact, being a feminist simply means you are an advocate of the rights and equality of women. You don’t have to be anti-man to be pro-woman.

Well, here are 16 signs you might be a feminist.

1) You are a supporter of rights and equality for men and women both.

2)You pay special attention to how gender roles are portrayed in the media.

3) You prefer to be recognized for your talents and not your looks.

4) You are highly offended when you are given specific tasks based on your gender.

5) You don’t see anything wrong with women who run their own households or business.

6) You often wonder why men are still being pain more a woman is workplace.

7) You are interested in advocacy and have strong opinions about issues that affect everyone.

8) You enjoy movies with a strong female lead. For example, you prefer The Hunger Games over Twilight.

9) During this year’s election, you were able to determine which politicians had no interest in protecting women’s reproductive rights.

10) You wouldn’t be afraid to call yourself a feminist.

11) You believe in reproductive rights of women.

12) You want and wish to see woman politicians in your government with at least half of a number as men.

13) You become emotional and touched when you see anything wrong with a woman or any TV program showing this.

14) You believe that woman is not anyone’s property and a man being married to her cannot own her life. It still her life and she has equal rights to live it they she likes.

15) You hate it when a news media defends a rapist and blame victim.

16) You believe in teaching not to rape, not, how to avoid rape.


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