July 19, will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Saturn

how-to-understand-saturn-astrology.WidePlayerAccording to NASA:  The positioning of the planets on July 19, will allow for a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity of Saturn, for the first time in seven years, Mashable reports.

When the sun back-lights the planet on July 19, you will be able to clearly see, photograph and observe Saturn’s wings. In addition, a shot of Earth from Saturn 898 million miles away will be possible, allowing for a clear photograph of Earth that will be the third of its kind in U.S. space travel history. In 1990, the first shot of Earth from Saturn was taken 4 billion miles away, the second taken from Cassini in 2006, from 926 million miles away.

NASA posted directions for how to wave at Saturn from Earth on July 19, and is encouraging people to capture and send in their own photographs of Saturn which will be compiled into a collage for its official website.

NASA is also promoting a #waveatsaturn hashtag on Twitter, as well as a Wave at Saturn group on Flickr and Facebook.

The Cassini portrait of Earth’s session is expected to last around 15 minutes, beginning at 5:27 p.m. ET on July 19.

“Cassini’s image of Earth will be just 1.5 pixels wide, with the illuminated part of Earth less than a pixel, so the resulting mosaic will not actually show people or the continents, But if you are on the sunlit side of Earth at the time – North America and part of the Atlantic Ocean – you are in the picture. The western part of Africa and Europe will also be facing Cassini’s cameras, but they will be dark.” Reads NASA’s site.


One thought on “July 19, will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Saturn

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