Superstition or a mystery: Ancient Egyptian mummy statue starts rotating on its own, after decades


Adding to the mystery is the smooth rotation: It is the only item in the display case that is moving.

Manchester Museum: Egyptologist Campbell Price noticed that the statue was facing the back of the display case. When he checked again the next day, it had turned another few degrees and is slowly spinning in circles. The movement is barely visible to the blind eye, but in a video created by museum employees, the ancient Egyptian statue rotates more than 180 degrees on its own, counter-clockwise semi-circle. It’s been displayed on a glass shelf for decades, but only started moving earlier this year.

Price and his colleagues created a time lapse video to watch the action. Time lapses capture one photo each minute; strung together into a video, the images show movement over extended periods of time. It only moved during daylight hours.

Superstitions aside, Prince says there is likely a simple explanation.

“Logical attempts to explain the statue’s movement is the vibrations caused by outside traffic, causing imperceptible movement,” he explained.


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