Understanding men

Men may be dog but truth is we love them anyway. Many women find it incredibly difficult to understand men. What you need to understand is that we are totally different but fact is we are incomplete without them in every walk of life. So, instead of giving up, all of us should try to embrace the differences and accept each other for who we really are. Only then, we can use all of this knowledge to our advantage. Writing this is for the purpose to understand the differences between the sexes and explains how we can use these differences to our advantage.

Modern science has allowed us to study the male and female brains and come up with conclusions as to why we are so different. This is mainly down to how our brains are structured, and that’s what this article is about. It will not teach you how to make him fall in love with you but it will show you why we are so different and as soon as you understand these differences and accept them as reality, it will become much more easier to relate to men.

What can you do with this sort of information? Men love women that they can connect to, although we may never reach the same level of communication, by vocalizing your emotions more often you’ll have a higher chance of connecting with a man.

Also, by understanding what this article tried to explain (that we are incredibly different) you can change your perception on men and instead getting upset and saying “You don’t understand me!”…you can laugh inside and think to yourself, “Haha, you don’t have the ability to understand me, you primitive creature”.

Human Relationships: Women communicate much better than men, they focus on how to create a solution that works for the entire group, talking through issues, and utilizes non-verbal cues such as tone, emotion and empathy. Men on the other hand, tend to be more task oriented, less talkative and more isolated. Men have a hard time understanding emotions that are not spoken, while women tend to intuit emotions and emotional cues. These differences clearly explain why men and women sometimes have difficulty in communication and why men-to-men friendships look different from friendships among women.

What does this mean? If you ever had a conversation with a man and got deep into a subject but yet felt like you spoke a completely different language well, this is to blame. In your first steps to understanding men this is the first thing you need to comprehend, MEN ARE DIFFERENT. They are so different in fact that sometimes we can’t even communicate but, if you can try to lower yourself to our level of communication, which means vocalizing the majority of your emotions, you’ll have a much better chance at properly communicating with a man.

Now, I’m not telling you to vocalize absolutely everything that you’re feeling but when a man asks you if something is wrong and you say “Nothing” you need to understand that unless you actually TELL HIM what’s wrong, he won’t have the slightest clue. Sure, you’re best friends get you and maybe even your husband if you’ve been together for years but, the average guy or even your 2 year long boyfriend won’t. Lowering yourself down to our more simple way of communicating will only make life easier for all of us.

Left brain vs both hemispheres: Experts have proven that men process better in the left hemisphere while women tend to process equally well between the two hemispheres. This difference clearly shows why men are stronger with left-brain activities and approach problem solving from a task-oriented perspective while women typically solve problems more creatively and are more aware of feelings while communicating.

What does this mean? This task oriented approach means men think in the following manner when trying to solve a problem:  “In order to solve this problem I will need to get this done first, then this other thing, then this and then they all fit into place and get this done”. Multitasking? There’s no such thing as multitasking when it comes to men…This also explains why men get angry when you are multitasking (e.g talking to them and doing something else) because they simply can’t understand what you’re doing. This is another prime example that will get you closer to accepting just how different men are and proves why men are better in some jobs (programming, business) and women in others (teaching, caretaking).

Mathematical Abilities: An area in the brain called the inferior-parietal lobule (IPL) is typically significantly larger in men, especially on the left side, than in women. This is the section responsible with mathematical ability, and probably explains why men perform higher in mathematical tasks than do women. What’s even more interesting is that this area of the brain that was abnormally large in Einstein. The IPL also processes sensory information, and the larger right side in women allows them to focus on, “specific stimuli, such as baby crying in the night”.

Reaction to stress: In stress situation men have a response reaction that resembles “fight or flight” while women react with a “tend and befriend” strategy. Psychologist Shelly E. Taylor first came up with the phrase “tend an befriend” after noticing that during times of stress women tend to take care of themselves and their children (tending) and form strong group bonds (befriending). The reason behind these different reactions to stress is down to hormones. When someone is under stress the hormone oxytocin is released into the body. In men, testosterone reduces the effects of oxytocin as it is produced in high volumes during stress; this explains the reason for the “fight or flight” response. In women, estrogen amplifies the effects of oxytocin resulting in calming and nurturing feelings.

Language: The two sections in the brain which are responsible for language have been found to be significantly larger in women than in men, indicating one reason why women typically excel in language-based subjects and in language-associated thinking. It’s also important to mention that men typically process language in one hemisphere whilst women process it in both. This differences offers a bit of protection in case of a stroke, as women may be able to recover fully from a stroke affecting the language areas in the brain while men may not have this same advantage.

Emotions: The most obvious difference is probably the emotions. Women have a larger deep limbic system than men, it allows them o be more in touch with their feelings and better able to express themselves, which promotes bonding with others. This is one of the reasons why women serve as caregivers for children. Sadly this comes with a downside as this larger deep limbic system also opens women up to depression, especially during times of hormonal shifts such as after childbirth or during a woman’s menstrual cycle.

What does this mean? Again, as I’ve mentioned above, women are much better at communicating than men so, if you want to be understood by a man you need to lower yourself to his level of communication. Vocalize what you are feeling and he will have a much easier time in understanding you. Don’t give up saying, “ah men don’t understand me”, try to make them understand and you will see that your love life success will greatly improve.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that some men understand these differences themselves and will, in turn, try to take advantage of your emotional brain by making you feel good all of the time. Sure, this may sound great, but in reality many of the men that understand this concept, often use it for their own benefit . However, it’s also important to note that many of these men live to please and if you can “keep” them you’re on the right track for a lifetime of happiness.

Brain Size: Typically, men’s brains are 11-12% bigger than women’s brains. Sadly, this difference in size has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence, but does explain the difference in size between men and women. Men need a bigger brain to control their bigger bodies and muscles.

Pain: Men and women perceive pain differently. Studies have shown that women need more morphine to reach the same level of pain reduction. They have also shown that woman vocalize their pain and seek treatment much quicker than men. During pain, an area of the brain called the amygdala is activated. Research has shown that in men the right amygdala (controls external functions) is activated and in women the left amygdala (controls internal functions) is activated. This is the reason women seem to perceive pain more intensely than men, although they can withstand higher levels of pain (childbirth).

So what can we draw from this article? Most importantly the fact that men and women are completely different. This is actually funny when you think about it because we can’t live without each other. Couples are essentially a better human being. Because both the male and female perspectives are shared regarding any life situation, life as a couple should be genuinely easier than single life. As we can say “They complete each other.



16 signs to show your Feminism


I can’t believe that when I used to hear the word “feminist” in my teens, I used to think I’d have to wear of a fleece and dangly earrings to ‘join’. (I don’t like dangly earrings. They chafe the skin tags on my neck). Now I’m a bit older and I’m proud to call myself a feminist – and to take action too, because sticks and stones may break the bones of misogyny, but words will never hurt it.

 So, you’ve been wondering whether you should be claiming the F-word. Myths are, Feminists are often stereotyped as hairy-pitted activists who hate men, love women too much, are physically incapable of humor and probably don’t wear bras. What I think is that Feminism isn’t about thinking we’re better than men, it’s about little things we can do to catch sexism off guard. Feminism isn’t about doing better than men or getting superior. Feminism is often misunderstood. In fact, being a feminist simply means you are an advocate of the rights and equality of women. You don’t have to be anti-man to be pro-woman.

Well, here are 16 signs you might be a feminist.

1) You are a supporter of rights and equality for men and women both.

2)You pay special attention to how gender roles are portrayed in the media.

3) You prefer to be recognized for your talents and not your looks.

4) You are highly offended when you are given specific tasks based on your gender.

5) You don’t see anything wrong with women who run their own households or business.

6) You often wonder why men are still being pain more a woman is workplace.

7) You are interested in advocacy and have strong opinions about issues that affect everyone.

8) You enjoy movies with a strong female lead. For example, you prefer The Hunger Games over Twilight.

9) During this year’s election, you were able to determine which politicians had no interest in protecting women’s reproductive rights.

10) You wouldn’t be afraid to call yourself a feminist.

11) You believe in reproductive rights of women.

12) You want and wish to see woman politicians in your government with at least half of a number as men.

13) You become emotional and touched when you see anything wrong with a woman or any TV program showing this.

14) You believe that woman is not anyone’s property and a man being married to her cannot own her life. It still her life and she has equal rights to live it they she likes.

15) You hate it when a news media defends a rapist and blame victim.

16) You believe in teaching not to rape, not, how to avoid rape.

Woman is the reflection of her man.

She was a girl who used to love by everyone, she was confident, she had passion and was happy, she danced like crazy in her own way, she looked flawless whatever she wears. I have never seen a girl like him and she was always the center of interest, she was a true soul with purest heart – I’m saying this to myself while seeing her through the windows of ICU, struggling for her life in her last minutes. She is my wife, the woman who loved me beyond my imagination, but now I’m helpless. I wish I could do something in these last moments.

So, here story ends and another God’s beautiful creation (Woman) has departed from this world with broken heart. If only he could understand what a woman really needs from his man, this would not happen to her anyway.

This is not any rocket science to understand that all women crave attention. The soul needs attention like a body needs to breathe. I don’t think anyone can teach you how to be a man but a woman. You only learn by learning what they need. First off, she doesn’t belong to you because she isn’t a piece of property. She is a person who has chosen to be with you, just as you chose to be with her. You should respect her for this and not to treat her like possessive jerks. The most important gift from a woman’s point of view is plain and that lies in your sincerity. You should trust her as she deserved to be trusted.


Many women are really afraid that they are not so beautiful. Women need enormous compliment: “I like that haircut, “or” You look great in red clothes.” Giving this compliment to women can encourage them to pay attention to dress, and keeps love constantly fresh.

Women also attach importance to their work and career. Women want their husbands or boyfriends to attach importance to their work like husbands attach importance to their own work. Every time when she talks about her work, the husband or boyfriend should listens carefully. Needless to say, in this regard the feelings will be better because of good communication. Women want men to listen patiently to their speaking, restore them to feel comfortable. For love, unlike men, women are not easy to fall in love. Women usually pay more attention to practical factors when having a dating. Women may desiderata love, but they still ask themselves a few questions (such as: Is the man reliable enough?) constantly before falling in love. Thus, men should not only pay attention to their hair, clothes and manners, but also be honest and have reliable character.

In short, she needs a partner which can comprehend her.